BEESHOLME Whippets & Italian Greyhounds


My next litter of beautiful whippet puppies should be due in summer. Please keep an eye on this website for news.

There are Beesholme whippets in New Zealand, Australia, and Hawaii. I have bred top show winning and specialist-winning whippets and fabulous family pets.

If you are looking for a family friend who is well bred, healthy, and raised with all the care and love possible, then contact me. Litters of whippets are infrequent, but I may be able to help if you are prepared to wait. I will need to know why you want a whippet, what sort of home you can offer, and many other questions before I can put you on my waiting list. If you want a show puppy, please let me know.

Whippets make the best pets, the best bed-warmers, and great show dogs. They are friendly, happy little beings whose only desire is to be with you.

Italian Greyhounds

Italians are not for everyone, they do have very special needs, and are definitely not your average toy breed. They believe they are mighty hunters! So do your research, and again, be prepared for my questions if you wish to be put on a waiting list.

As with whippets, litters are rare, and you may have to wait some time. Please email inquiries to me at Beeshound at gee mail dot com.

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