Beesholme Whippets & Italian Greyhounds

Italian Greyhounds

I saw a photo in a book of dog breeds that I got for Christmas in 1979 and I fell in love. This was a blue Italian Greyhound, being held by a young boy. It was many years before I brought home my very first Italian Greyhound - Mary Keast sent me the glorious NZ CH Merikaez Yorick - Cassius - from Australia, and there will be no going back! While Italians and whippets share with their big lookalikes the greyhound a sleek and racey profile, their natures are really different.

Above: Sybille - Tuarua Tabu at Beesholme


Puppies are scheduled for summer, 2017/18.

Inquiries to: Beeshound at Gee Mail Dot Com.

February 2016

Sybille is Best of Breed and Baby Puppy of Group at her first two shows, aged 4 and a half months.

January 2016

Magnus is now and champion, and is Italian Greyhound Rising Star of the Year in the Dogsonline point score competition for NZ. He has won a Best of Group, Reserve of Group as well as a Puppy in Show. Agatha now a champion has retired from the ring to make way for new little star Sybille.

MARCH 2015

I am very happy to be showing both Agatha (Moonstruck Eeka Mouse) and Magnus (Possibly Pompey at Beesholme). Both have four challenge certificates from four shows, and Magnus has five baby of group awards from five shows as a baby; and two puppy of group awards so far.


This month I was delighted to welcome Agatha and Magnus. Only two days separates their two litters, and they are good friends already. Connie is busy making sure they behave, and Cassius is thrilled. These babies will have their show debuts later this year.

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